Virtual Hitting Leagues are the most fun and exciting baseball practice games to come to the Tri-Cities. Players will have the opportunity to form their own mini-teams, consisting of 3-5 players, who will join their rosters. Teams will choose their batting order and play head-to-head in a batting practice game utilizing HitTrax technology. These teams will compete against other teams at the same age/skill level in the MLB stadium of their choosing. Of course, these MLB stadiums and defenses are scaled to the team's age/skill level.

League Format

Each league will meet once a week for five weeks. The Regular Season for each league will consist of Weeks 1-4. During the Regular Season, teams will play two 6-inning games against different opponents each night. Week 5 will include a boosted Home Run Derby and Playoff games. Once the Home Run Derby Champion is awarded, the teams will compete in a single-elimination Playoff bracket, seeded by Regular Season standings. By the end of Week 5, the League Champions will be crowned.

League Awards

  • Team Champions
  • Individual Batting Title
  • Home Run Derby Champion

Upcoming Leagues

Please see the Upcoming Events page for upcoming Leagues or the VHL Schedules page for your current League's Schedule.