VHL - Winter 2022 - 10U - HS

Form a roster of 3-5 players and compete head to head in six inning games for a season!



Start Date

January 17, 2022 - 7:00 pm

End Date

February 27, 2022 - 8:30 pm



Virtual Hitting Leagues - 10U, 12U, Middle School and High School Teams form their own rosters of 3-5 players to compete in a 5-week hitting league on HitTrax. Each team will be able to choose an MLB stadium (scaled to high school size) to be their "home field," and are encouraged to choose one that matches their team's strengths. For example, a team full of speedsters might like a bigger field like Atlanta. A team with power hitting righties might like Fenway, whereas power hitting lefties might like Yankee Stadium. All regular season games will be 6-innings long. HitTrax calls balls and strikes, scores balls in play, and plays out the situations virtually each time a ball is put in play. This allows players to be strategic and learn to control the barrel and become good situational hitters. Every time a player steps to the plate, the score, runners on base, count and outs will be displayed as clearly on screen as if watching an MLB game on TV. Each player's batting statistics will also be saved on League Leaderboards for added competitiveness.

After the regular season games end, players will compete individually in either a Home Run Derby or a Hitting Contest. Then, teams will compete in a seeded single elimination playoff bracket based on their regular season standings.

Virtual Hitting League awards are as follows:

  • League Champions (team)
  • League Batting Title (individual)
  • Home Run Derby Champion (individual)
  • Hitting Contest Champion (individual)

League Registration: $110 RBI Members: $95

The Venue: RBI TriCities